Warnham Park, Bailing Hill Deer Farm, established since 1851

Markets and Exports

Live Sales

Warnham Park deer are world-famous for antlers: weight, width, length and symmetry. These genetic characteristics perfectly suit markets for trophy hunting and velvet production (where permitted), as well as other parks.

Warnham Park deer are also selected for body weight and conformation, to improve herds farmed for venison production.

Furthermore, Warnham Park deer have been handled in deer yards for 130 years, ensuring a continuous selection policy for good temperament - essential for modern deer farming.

Throughout the last century Warnham Park deer have been sold around the world to the following countries:

Austria Czech Republic Denmark England & Wales
France Germany Holland Ireland
Italy Latvia Scotland Spain
India Russia
North America:
South America:
Australia New Zealand

The farm management has acquired considerable expertise in dealing with export licenses, veterinary tests, journey plans, quarantine requirements and embryo technology. For example, a new protocol was negotiated in 2011 to import Warnham deer into Nigeria.

Venison and Antler Sales

Surplus beasts are sold as quality seasonal venison into the human food market through a game dealer or direct to the local Warnham butchers, A & R Bailey's.

Surplus cast (or farm-sawn) antlers for stags no longer alive are sold to a variety of markets, most notably furniture making (chair frames, chandeliers, etc.). Other markets include dog chews, buttons and stick handles.