Warnham Park, Bailing Hill Deer Farm, established since 1851



All historic British antler records are held by Warnham Park Stags. The most notable records are:

  • "The Great Warnham Head" of 1892 with 47 points.
  • Longest antler in 1914: 47½ inches (121cm).
  • Hercules in 1998 with a width of 62½ inches (159cm).
  • Bartholemu in 2011 with 47 points and a provisional IOA score of 578.
  • Poseidon in 2011 with 50 points.

Recent Achievements

  • 26 hinds were sold from Bailing Hill Farm to Latvia (a new market) in 2007.
  • In January 2008, the son from a Warnham Park embryo hind (from a Hercules daughter sired by Duncan) sent to New Zealand sold at auction for $80,000 (NZD); at only two years old his antlers measured 43½" wide and weighed 8.25 kg. He has followed the success of his Uncle (an embryo stag sent to New Zealand) which sold at auction in 2002 for $95,000 (NZD).
  • 3 stags and 8 hinds were sold from both park and farm to the Czech Republic (another new market) in 2008.
  • Norton the principal farm sire stag died in 2008 in late velvet, with an impressive head of 44 points.
  • 16 month yearling hind in 2011 weighing 127.5 kg.
  • Bartholemu , another farm sire aged 10, produced antlers in 2011 with 47 points (equalling Warnham's 1892 British record).
  • Poseidon , an old park stag aged 11, produced antlers also in 2011 with 50 points (52 in velvet) becoming the new British record after 119 years.
  • 5 stags and 18 hinds were sold from both Park and Farm to Nigeria (first sales to Africa) in 2011.
  • 28 hinds were sold from both Park and Farm to Russia (a new market) in 2013.

New Zealand

Warnham Park Deer Farms also owned up until 2015 a pure Warnham Park herd in New Zealand, from which the following recent achievements and records have been set:

  • Hotspur (50% Warnham Park blood line) grew in 2006 the heaviest antlers then recorded of 23.4 kg. He was the unofficial CIC world record with a score of 309.5.
  • The world record head for bow hunting was a pure Warnham Park stag taken in 2007 with SCI score of 546.
  • Thomas Albert grew hard antlers weighing 21.9 kg in 2010.
  • Craigy was trophy shot in 2010 with SCI score of 602.
  • Dartagnion aged 6 in 2010 weighed 333 kg and in 2011 carried antlers with a spread of 64 inches (162.5 cm).
  • Mars aged 6 in 2011 grew antlers with 50 points.
  • A Warnham hind in July 2011 (in winter, having calved) became the heaviest Red Deer hind then recorded at 175.5 kg.
  • Aragorn (75% Warnham Park blood line) grew in 2012 antlers weighing 22.3 kg and measuring 635 SCI and unofficially 298 CIC.
  • Norton II, a 7 year old son of Norton born from exported semen and the grand-daughter of a Hercules embryo, grew in 2014 antlers measuring 698 IOA (as shown in the adjoining photograph).
  • In March 2016 Norton II was shot with a field measurement SCI new world record score (subject to ratification) of 763.

Best Body Weights

Description Bailing Hill Farm New Zealand
Sire Stag 292 kg 333 kg
2 year old stag 187 kg 214 kg
Yearling stag (12 months) 133 kg 171 kg
Adult hind 168.5 kg 180 kg
Yearling hind 107 kg 116 kg
16 month hind 127.5 kg 133.5 kg
An exceptional Park Stag Chinook shot in 1999 weighed 171 kg fully dressed, which it is estimated would be a live weight of 315 kg.
Norton (son of Jupiter) in velvet 2007

Norton's 44 point head in 2008